Being told your appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting things you can hear.


“I wish I was able to orate how amazing and challenging Suzanne’s flow classes are. Good vibes and great music make me appreciate everything she shares in her classes. I’m so Lucky to have met her” ~ Devan S.

“Suzanne is the best! Every class is filled with challenge, excellent guidance, and freedom. Her style is clear, supportive, encouraging and calming. I highly recommend Suzanne for all styles of yoga. We all have those days where it's hard to get yourself into class... and on these days, I am most grateful for Suzanne. I do not know where I would be without her.
P.S... working on my handstand fear Suzanne 😉” ~Marianne F.

“Suzanne is one of a kind! Amazing person! Beautiful on the inside and out! She is a great instructor who leads her classes with love and passion” ~Kathy M.

“She is a TRUE yoga teacher. She is inspirational and a true dedicated yoga teacher! I love when a yoga teacher practices what she preaches and walks the walk. Her classes are truly amazing in every way! They bring you strength, encouragement and positivity.” ~Marla W.

“Suzanne is an amazing yoga instructor. This past year she has become one of my favorite instructors. Her love and passion for yoga really comes through her teaching. I would recommend her classes to anyone looking to give yoga a try. She’s a true natural!” ~Jacqueline T.

“I met Suzanne at Happy Hour Yoga and instantly loved the way she teaches. She is gentle and kind. Makes you feel welcomed and comfortable with your abilities. There is a beauty and grace in which she leads the class. Her teachings are inspirational. I am truly grateful I stumbled on such a wonderful teacher. Thank you Suzanne 🙏” ~Basia G.

“Suzanne is a fun-loving, kind and compassionate soul. She is an amazing yoga instructor and lives and practices all she teaches. She is definitely someone you should know❣️” ~Diane C.

“I have been taking Suzanne’s yoga classes since September and she is truly an amazing instructor and such an inspiration. She keeps me coming back every week and pushing me to become stronger.” ~Melissa G.

“Suzanne is an amazing yoga teacher! Her love for yoga and others comes out in every one of her classes, and she gives me motivation to keep going when class gets tough!” ~Jess W.