yoga health healing

The first time I walked into a yoga class I was just hoping to regain some flexibility. I had no idea how much more I would get. 

This practice challenges you so much physically, that you have to mentally dig down deep to find strength. While you are doing this “digging” there is this emotional journey that takes place. You start uncovering and releasing pain, fear, insecurity, and doubt that has been trapped under your surface. You are pushed far out of your comfort zone; where the transformation takes place. 

You find yourself in this beautiful physical, emotional and spiritual experience and there is a profound healing that takes place. And when you look up to find a room full of people around you having that same experience there is an overwhelming sense of safety, acceptance, community, and love that washes over you.

It is empowering! This is my yoga practice and what I strive to share with every student that walks through my yoga class door. 

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